Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be Inspired Today

Inspiration isn't just about being inspired to be creative. It's about that warm feeling you get that makes happiness bubble up inside and brings a smile to your heart.

We are so busy living our lives, that sometimes we don't notice the tender moments in the day.

It could be song lyrics that speak to you, a smile from a stranger, a friend reaching out just to say hi, a thank you from a co-worker or spending time with those you love. The catch is not having the moments (because they are everywhere in your day!) but recognizing those moments as inspired living and savoring them for what they are.

Take some time today to remind yourself to be inspired... find those moments that settle in your soul and take time to inJOY them....


  1. Popped over from The Hive. Was curious about the blog showing up there in full and how this all works. Only been a member for a few days. Love this post and did the like thumbs up over there.

    What I'm weighing in my mind is, full posts there, do people come here? If not does it help your traffic? I currently have partial posts there in hopes people will go to the blog and read the full post; but...the linking isn't working with regard to the RSS feed. In fact, I wasn't sure how to even get to your blog, so clicked on you during your posting there, went to your profile there, where I saw url to come here.

    I'm wondering if people will normally do all that?

    Do you have any feel whether it's been helpful for you?

    I'm always blog walking to find more creative people. Love seeing things that people make, sometimes I just enjoy reading the words; but the best is always the people I've met along the way.
    Have a super day

  2. i really like the pieces in your last 3 posts. very unique and original style. something about them draws me in. great work.

  3. Dearest Mitzie, this is such an inspiring post! I am soo glad i came by to visit you today! reading this makes me bubble all inside and feeling warm! Oh and i LOVE your work so much! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  4. Sandy- I am new to the Hive as well so I'm not sure how to answer your questions... however, here you are and we are meeting!!! (So nice to meet you by the way!)

    Check out John Morro's posts on how to fix your feed- that's what finally did it for me.... I will look you up and connect.

    Thanks Tammy and jaqueline- I am honored and inspired- heart to heart!!!


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