Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love Yourself...

I had a really bad day at work yesterday and I happened to catch a yahoo mail list of "50 ways to keep from having your worst day at work". It came just at the right time! The higher power that sent it my way at just the right time channeled my frustration into something powerful, good and peaceful and I was reminded to breathe! I quickly made this piece (here is a close up for you) with a few of the "tips" on the list that were my favorite. It made me feel more connected, grounded and I quickly stretched it on canvas for my two co-workers. It helped remind me of the balance I need in my life....


  1. This is really a lovely piece. How did you do the words? Digitally? I like the way they look worn. Is it the courier font? Thanks for sharing. You have a lot of nice work.

  2. great way to deal with your bad day- i'm so glad you got the words you needed at just the right time!

  3. Dearest sweet Mitzie, first of all i am so sorry to hear that you had a bad day at work! :( But i am soo happy to know that the "50 ways to keep from having your worst day at work" helped you! This is really a beautiful piece and im loving all this sweet sentiments on it.
    Oh and today is your birthday so here's wishing you a lovely merry happy celebration!! May all your wishes come true! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


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